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Official Release

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Artist - TitleTypeMaster - FormatRelease IDDateReprint*OrigImagesCDJapan
Alarm (The) - The Alarm OfficEMI CD Enhaced50550215213 1 22003-11-251983.01Y
Atlas Sound - Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel Offic CD x 2CADD 2811 CD2008-06-182008.06Y
Bass Communion - Ghosts On Magnetic Tape Offic CDHDBCCD92003-00-002003Y
Beatles (The) - The Beatles (aka The White Album) OfficEMIRemastered CD (2)7 2439 68952 71998-11-241968.11YRelated
Bowie, David - 1. Outside OfficSony CD88697169032A2007-06-061995.09Y
Bowie, David - Earthling OfficSony CD88697169032B2007-06-061997.02Y
Bowie, David - Hours... OfficSony CD88697169032C2007-06-061999.10Y
Bowie, David - Heathen OfficSony CD88697169032D2007-06-062002.06Y
Bowie, David - Reality OfficSony CD88697169032E2007-06-062003.09Y
Brubeck, Dave + Desmond, Paul - 1975: The Duets OfficVerve96kHz 24bit CD828 394 915-22002-04-091975.10YRelated
Bunyan, Vashti - Lookaftering Offic 8286002010292005-10-252005.10Y
Byrds (The) - Sweetheart Of The Rodeo OfficSony CDMILLEN61999-02-161968Y
Coltrane, Alice - Universal Consciousness OfficVerve96kHz 24bit CD314 589 514-22002-04-091971Y
Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance OfficWarnerSuper Audio by MFSL Hybrid SACDWPCB-10070/SAD27052008-04-232008-06-251984.02YRelated
Dead Can Dance - Garden of the Arcane Delights OfficWarnerSuper Audio by MFSL Hybrid SACDWPCB-10071/SAD27062008-04-232008-06-251984.07YRelated
Dead Can Dance - Spleen And Ideal OfficWarnerSuper Audio by MFSL Hybrid SACDWPCB-10072/SAD27072008-04-232008-06-251986.09YRelated
Dead Can Dance - Within the Realm of a Dying Sun OfficWarnerSuper Audio by MFSL Hybrid SACDWPCB-10073/SAD27082008-04-232008-06-251987.07YRelated
Dead Can Dance - The Serpent's Egg OfficWarnerSuper Audio by MFSL Hybrid SACDWPCB-10074/SAD27092008-04-232008-06-251988.10YRelated
Dead Can Dance - Aion OfficWarnerSuper Audio by MFSL Hybrid SACDWPCB-10075/SAD27102008-04-232008-06-251990.06YRelated
Dead Can Dance - Into The Labyrinth OfficWarnerSuper Audio by MFSL Hybrid SACDWPCB-10076/SAD27112008-04-232008-06-251993.09YRelated
Dead Can Dance - Towards The Within OfficWarnerSuper Audio by MFSL Hybrid SACDWPCB-10077/SAD27122008-04-232008-06-251994.10YRelated
Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser OfficWarnerSuper Audio by MFSL Hybrid SACDWPCB-10078/SAD27132008-04-232008-06-251996.06YRelated
Doors (The) - Morrison Hotel OfficWarner 0 7559-62552-2 62000-06-011970.02Y
Doors (The) - L A Woman OfficWarner CD0 7559-62553-2 52000-06-011971.04Y

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* Reprint date is pretty hit and miss (especially older releases). If there's a date it's probably correct but if there's no date there still may have been a reprint. If one mini in a sequential range of minis for one artist has been reprinted then the chances are they all were. The date shown here is the most recent one we know of.
Reprints usually have the obi identical to the original Mini (including release date), often have different stickers on the bag and occasionally have different inserts.