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Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser (1996)

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Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser

WPCB-10078/SAD2713 (2008)

The last studio album of Dead Can Dance before Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard went their separate ways. It expands on their exploration of world music and like Into the Labyrinth, Spiritchaser was recorded at Quivvy Church, Perry's personal studio in Ireland.

Out of print (but other items from this artist may be available)
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Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser, front Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser, back Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser, front of inner sleeves Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser, back of inner sleeves Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser, CD & Booklet Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser, obi
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Release Details
Manufacturer: Warner
Mastering:Super Audio by MFSL (2006)
Format:Hybrid SACD
This version released:2008-04-23

Reprinted on or about: 2008-06-25

Original LP release:1996.06
Obi:European gold obi.
Cover:Heavy card. Photos by Kevin Westenberg, design by Chris Bigg/V23
Inserts (as per original):2 inner sleeves (the vinyl version was on 2 discs).
Inserts (additional):12 page booklet with original labels, photos and lyrics (in English).
Editor Comments
The track "Indus" contains a melody that is very similar to the melody of "Within You Without You," the Beatles/George Harrison song. Although not deliberate, Perry and Gerrard were asked to contact Harrison for his permission to use it; he granted it, but the record company (EMI/Apple) insisted that they give him partial songwriting credit for it.
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