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Doors (The) - L A Woman (1971)

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Doors (The) - L A Woman

0 7559-62553-2 5 (2000)

6th and final Jim Morrison Doors album.

This is a German mini LP. However, the cover and CD are identical to the Japanese releases from this time (which were simply repackaged and included an obi and lyric booklet).

See The Doors for details of the variations of this release.

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Doors (The) - L A Woman, CD and inner sleeve Doors (The) - L A Woman, Inner sleeve with crucifix Doors (The) - L A Woman, Back cover with leeching sticker Doors (The) - L A Woman, Front cover with yellow inner removed
User Comments
wudeyang  (Wed, 23 Jan 2008 (14:15))
If you look at the image side of the innersleeve and the back cover, you will find that the catalogue number actually is 62434-2F which is different from the one on the disc. The fact is that the package is identical to box version and the disc is made in Germany. That tells the reason of having a bar code sticker on the back cover.

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Release Details
Manufacturer: Warner
This version released:2000-06-01
Original LP release:1971.04

The front cover has the images of the band printed on a plastic sheet glued inside a die cut cover. Nice idea but poor printing on the plastic degrades the effort as does the obilgatory bar code sticker on the back cover (which has leeched in this case). Another indication of the superiority of most Japanese mini LPs.

Inserts (as per original):Yellow inner sleeve with Crucifix black and white artwork on one side.
Editor Comments

Someone has placed scans on Amazon of a similar release. The CD in those scans is brown.

The mini LP release date is based on the imprinting of "06/00" found on the shiny side of the CD although a couple of Japanese web sites state it as 2000-07-17. This cover has "Printed in U S A" but perhaps this is simply part of the replica?

Other issues in the same series from Germany do not have "Printed in U S A" and also they have the bar code printed on the back (not a sticker). (I bought all mine at the same time locally in Australia.)

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