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What is a 12" LP Replica CD? E-mail

Fact: It is a full sized (12 inches square) LP replica cover with a standard CD inside. A full size copy of the original vinyl cover.  The CD is mounted on a piece of cardboard which is slotted into the sleeve instead of the vinyl. It is also known as a "Deka-Jake" ("big jacket").

12 inch CD replica of Elton John\'s Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadOpinion (by sam2095): Disappointing marketing gimmick. 

I have only bought one of these, as much to see what it was like as anything else.  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road as pictured.

I didn't expect too much and even with that scepticism I was disappointed.

It's exactly the same as if you'd found a mint version of the original LP cover, bought a standard issue CD, mounted it on a piece of plain white cardboard and put it into the cover where the vinyl used to go.

To be fair, it's not that easy to find a mint condition LP cover - but then I suspect that there is a parallel vinyl release when these come out so you may do better to buy that (likely to be more expensive I guess).

The most disappointing thing about what I bought was that the plastic cover that it's housed in has the sticky surface on the flap and not on the bag outer.  In this way, when you go to put the cover back into the plastic housing it sticks on the flap... Very poorly thought out engineering.  Also, there was no obi (not too important to me but I thought it worth mentioning).

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Featured Releases (A selection of...)

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Front cover (main) image of hudson-pf01 : Pink Floyd : Hudson Dark Side of the Moon Box
hudson-pf01 : 2008-01-01

A unique creation from Kerry Hudson design. Lavishly sculptured and finished, this felt lined wooden box stand holds all regular sized Pink Floyd Mini vinyl LP replica covers along with a selection of DVDs.

The ultimate gift for the Pink Floyd fan who has everything. (The box is currently for sale from the sculptor. Contact details can be found here.)

This was Kerry's second homage to an artist's releases on Mini LP, the first being Hudson Genesis Box Mach I.

Front cover (main) image of UICY-94827 : Mike Oldfield : Q.E.2 Deluxe Edition
UICY-94827 : 2012-09-12
Universal Music : Cardboard sleeve (mini LP) reissue from Mike Oldfield featuring the high-fidelity SHM-CD format (compatible with standard CD players) and using the remaster audio made in UK in 2012. The cardboard sleeve faithfully replicates the UK first press LP plus a cardboard sleeve jacket based on a new design. Comes with a description written by Mike Oldfield himself and lyrics. Part of a two-album Mike Oldfield SHM-CD cardboard sleeve reissue series featuring albums "Platinum" and "Q.E.2."
Front cover (main) image of UICY-93013-38 : Rolling Stones (The) : In the 60's
UICY-93013-38 : 2006-03-16

2006 (reprinted at least once) release of Stones albums from the earliest days up to 1975. Does not include the early 70s releases.

Each album included a collector card. The backs of the cards, when laid side by side, formed the cover image of "Their Satanic Majesties Request".

Front cover (main) image of LIST-007 : Quintessence Editions : 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die
LIST-007 : 2006-02-07

This is a work in progress project and due to its size it will take some time to finish.

Book cover images from different countries are welcome (or the ones included but with better image resolution).


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