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Artist - TitleTypeMaster - FormatRelease IDDateReprint*OrigImagesCDJapan
Beatles (The) - Please Please Me QuestDr.Ebbetts 2000 SRS-PCS-30422000-01-011963.03Y
Beatles (The) - With The Beatles Quest VC 04-132002-01-011963.11Y
Beatles (The) - A Hard Day's Night QuestEMI CDUAL-33660000-00-001964Y
Beatles (The) - A Hard Day's Night Quest SRS-AP-81472000-01-011964.07Y
Beatles (The) - A Hard Day's Night Quest VC 04-112002-01-011964.07Y
Beatles (The) - Beatles For Sale QuestDr.Ebbetts 2000 SRS-PCS-30622001-01-011964.12Y
Beatles (The) - Help! Quest VC 04-142002-01-011965.08Y
Beatles (The) - Rubber Soul Quest SRS-AP-81562002-01-011965.12Y
Beatles (The) - Rubber Soul QuestDr.Ebbetts 2000 SRS-PCS-30752001-01-011965.12Y
Beatles (The) - Revolver Quest TOJP-70772002-01-011966.08Y
Beatles (The) - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Quest CDVC 04-172002-01-011967.06Y
Beatles (The) - Magical Mystery Tour Quest VC 04-182002-01-011967.11Y
Beatles (The) - The Beatles (aka The White Album) Quest VC 04-162002-01-011968.11Y
Beatles (The) - Yellow Submarine QuestDr.Ebbetts 2000 CDSRS-PCS-70702001-01-011969.01Y
Beatles (The) - Yellow Submarine Quest VC 04-192002-01-011969.01Y
Beatles (The) - Abbey Road Quest CDVC 04-052002-01-011969.09Y
Beatles (The) - Let It Be Quest VC 04-122002-01-011970.05Y
Beatles (The) - 1 Quest CDTOJP-601462002-01-012000.11Y
Beatles (The) - Last Licks Live QuestSony CDTOCP-69012009-00-002009Y
Coverdale - Page - Coverdale - Page Quest SRCS-66621993.03Y
Doors (The) - Other Voices Quest? CDAL/DRCD 0071971.10Y
Eno, Brian & J Peter Schwalm - Drawn From Life (Promo) QuestEMI CDCDVEDJX9542001-01-012001.01Y
Harrison, George - Living in The Material World Quest EAS-80687Y
Hendrix, Jimi - Are You Experienced Quest ST-915131967.05Y

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* Reprint date is pretty hit and miss (especially older releases). If there's a date it's probably correct but if there's no date there still may have been a reprint. If one mini in a sequential range of minis for one artist has been reprinted then the chances are they all were. The date shown here is the most recent one we know of.
Reprints usually have the obi identical to the original Mini (including release date), often have different stickers on the bag and occasionally have different inserts.