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Re:Where do record companies source this packaging? (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Re:Where do record companies source this packaging?
DraftAudio (User)
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Where do record companies source this packaging? 13 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0  
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows where record companies source the mini LP packaging? Is there a printer who specialises in these or is it a case of approaching standard printers with the specs.?

I ask as I have a recording production company in the UK and we have had the request to make a mini-LP. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

All best,

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sam2095 (Moderator)
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Re:Where do record companies source this packaging? 13 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 2  
Hi Stewart,

I did a little research into this a few years ago when someone asked the same question (pre the forum). Here is (roughly) what I wrote. Not sure if there's more info than this but the Yahoo group may be able to help.

I'm not exactly sure but I guess there are a number of printers who do this - you could try emi/toshiba in Japan or Universal?? They both have japanese websites (I think).

Disc Union create the "promo boxes" and they are exceptionally good quality and are official releases. Try them but their English is not crash hot.

Also you could contact as they have a good English writer on their "help" staff and are quite helpful if they can be.

If that fails you may want to ask in the Yahoo group (link found at the top of the forum pages).

You could also ask (in the US).... And also... I have a box of Black Sabbath (2001) ... made in UK "An Essential Production for Castle Music, a label of Santuary Records Group Ltd." Not as good quality but pretty good none the less. I also have a Uriah Heep box made by or for them (2002) seems to do the work on the Uriah Heep box for

Also try a cheaper alternative (??) - artist's own label stuff.....
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