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TOPIC: Roadrunner list
shiremen (User)
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Roadrunner list 12 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 0  

My name is Peter. I have been running a website about Black Sabbath for many years. It can be found at

For some reason I decided to start to collect Roadrunner CDs. All of them. And why not start from the beginning of the Roadrunner catalogue and move forward?

The first thing I wanted to do was to learn which of the Roadrunner LPs that also had been released on CD, by Roadrunner. So I started to make a list. From the early releases, the first LP was released in 1980, up until now. So far, I have managed to work my way into 1992. I think Roadrunner has released around 3000 albums up until now, so I have done about half so far.

Now I need your help. There are many holes in my list, i.e. records that I know the record number, but not the artist/title.

The list can be found at:

I know, it's not a beautiful list, but hopefully it works.

If YOU are aware of, or are the owner of any of missing albums, PLEASE let me know. Mail me at, or write a comment here. And yes, I could be interested in buying if you are interested in selling.

Roadrunner are unique in the sense that their record numbers are backwards. Normally, a record label start with for example AAA 0011 as a record number, and their second release is AAA 002, and so on.
Roadrunner started with "RR 9999", their second was "RR 9998", their third was "RR 9997", and so on. So it's quite easy to follow their catalogue.

BUT, they have many releases through other record labels, and it's here that it's becoming tricky.
Roadrunner own record number always start with RR, RO or RC. There is no "RR 9432". BUT, there is a "LS 9432", so this release was released on some kind of collaboration with Restless Records in this case.

Emergo (a kind of sublabel) releases starts with EM instead. Hawker Records starts with HR. Restless Records starts with LS. Medusa Records starts with MD.
Lafayette records starts with LA. Triple X Records starts with TX. Taang Records starts with TG. Relativity Records seems to use Roadrunners RO or RR. Third Mind Records starts with TM.
So, to complete the Roadrunner discography, it seems you have to go through many other labels discography to get a full list.

Hoping to get your help!

And no, Roadrunner Records hasn´t answered my mails
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