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Re:I have image submissions for Journey mini-LP,et (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Re:I have image submissions for Journey mini-LP,et
Tashani (User)
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I have image submissions for Journey mini-LP,etc 16 Years ago Karma: 0  
Just wanted to let the moderator or whomever know that I would like to submit my images of the Japanese "mini-LP" CDs I personally own of Journey, Hall & Oates, Rick Springfield, Judas Priest, and AC/DC. I have the front cover with obi strip scanned of all 34 (so far) in my collection, 30 or so I believe have no image associated with these releases on your website. Let me know what I need to do to get these placed on here and I will submit them promptly! Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!
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sam2095 (Moderator)
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Re:I have image submissions for Journey mini-LP,et 16 Years ago Karma: 2  
Hi Brett and sorry for the delayed reply.

We'd love to have more images (as many as we can) for the site.

The idea for the site came about from the need (more so the wish I guess) to be able to see just we are going to get when we buy a mini-LP. They are not cheap so I (for one) wanted to see what I was going to be getting for my dollar before forking out the cash.

In other words, we really like seeing images of the full contents either one image at a time and/or as a photo. Failing that (and perhaps as well), a description of the contents would suffice.

If you're happy to make that commitment then use the contact details found here for me (sam2095) and I'll send you the user manual.

If you'd like to just add the images you've got (eg. front cover and obi) and describe the rest of the contents and then maybe add more images later - that's fine too.

All the best and thanks for offering to help. Sam

PS. There are more details and info in the About the site FAQs
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