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Scorpions (Roth era) In Trance box (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Scorpions (Roth era) In Trance box
zionic (Moderator)
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Scorpions (Roth era) In Trance box 16 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 0  
RE Scorpions (Roth era) In Trance box (Dec 19 release): I had the Japan vinyl for all the Roth era Scorpions and later, had a jewel case import of the original Japan cover Virgin Killer which features the nude girl (see attached). I hope they use that cover as it is better to have the original tasteless cover than the than the U.S. replacement cover. The set is missing the other Uli Roth studio album Taken By Force (which also had a unique Japan graveyard cover) and also it's missing the double LP Tokyo Tapes and also the Japan version of greatest hits (roth era) which also had a cool embossed cover. I am not sure what the following means (translated from Japanese) - but I am thinking it means we will not get the nude girl cover or does it mean we will get it (can someone confirm):

(Click on image for a review of what has been voted the worst album cover of all time).
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sam2095 (Moderator)
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Re:Scorpions (Roth era) In Trance box 16 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 2  
I translated the DiskUnion page for this release ( and here is what Google thinks it says:
December 26, 2007 release!
Released jacket at the time of the girl's nude photographs to be used from controversial ban on sales and production, but since its release 30 years since high evaluation in 1976 published 4 th album.
Initial production of a limited-edition paper jacket specification recurrent! JVC K2 24bit mastering.
* Jacket and the replacement versions.

Not that much clearer really..... sort of sounds like it's not as controversial as it used to be but still may be used??

Still - questionable taste none the less!
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