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Young, Neil - Harvest (1972)

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Young, Neil - Harvest

9 48100-9 (2002)

30th Anniversary US Edition of the never to be forgotten 1972 album from Neil Young.

Slightly larger than the regular mini LP size, with the added bonus of 5.1 DVD Audio (only).

Out of print (but other items from this artist may be available)
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Young, Neil - Harvest, Exterior cover Young, Neil - Harvest, Interior Young, Neil - Harvest, Lyrics and DVDA
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Release Details
Mastering:Advanced Resolution
This version released:2002-01-01
Original LP release:1972
Genre:Rock, Blues, Folk
Cover:Gatefold. The cover of this release is very raw - similar to recycled grade card and paper. A nice effect but it may not age well. In keeping with typical DVDA covers, this is also larger than most mini LP replicas (14cm as oppossed to 13.5cm). May not seem like much but it sticks out like a sore thumb when filed amongst its Japanese counterparts.
Inserts (as per original):Lyrics
Inserts (additional):None
Lyrics:English on large 8 fold thick paper
Editor Comments
Made in USA.
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