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Yes - Close To The Edge (+4) (1972)

Older News:

2010-06-16 : Reprint delayed until 2010-08-12

2009-06-24 : Release date changed to 2009-07-22

2009-06-19 : Release date changed to 2009-07-15

2009-05-31 : New release (due on 2009/07/08)

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Yes - Close To The Edge (+4)

WPCR-13516 (2009)

This is the closest thing so far to the original cover and probably as near as we'll get (or need). The (re-)mastering is excellent. All around better when compared to the earlier US Rhino version and the Japanese 1st issue and Japanese 2nd issue. (See here for a comparison of all 4 releases.)

Bonus tracks are "America" (Paul Simon) and a grab bag of Close to the Edge related tracks (Total Mass Retain (Single Version), And You And I (Alternate Version) and Siberia (studio run-through)).

Out of print (but other items from this artist may be available)
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Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Obi Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Back of obi Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Contents Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Inside gatefold Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Open gatefold Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Inner bag with CD Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Back of inner bag Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Back of 2003 English booklet Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Black and white lyrics / translation booklet Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Special Offer (Japan only) Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Inner with CD Yes - Close To The Edge (+4), Alternate SHM sticker
User Comments
gbourke59  (Sat, 16 Jul 2011 (16:09))
The 16 page booklet contains an essay from Mike Tiano (Notes From The Edge), rare photos and lyrics. The Japanese booklet has the essay and lyrics in Japanese as well as the lyrics for "America" in English.
moog_man  (Sun, 19 Dec 2010 (23:23))
duckman - big thanks for detailing Amazon Fr as a well-priced resource for these SHM reissues. I've just $plurg€d.....
progvinyl  (Fri, 16 Apr 2010 (10:35))
Sorry but this title and the other cds in this Yes SHM-CD reissue are victims of the loudness wars. About the artwork all the Roger Dean cover CDs are a must
hgjhkhkjcal  (Wed, 30 Sep 2009 (18:17))
amazing sound! great!!! I have a lot minis, camel, traffic, etc... I convert to apple lossless, anybody have the amon duul shm set ???? please let me know! thanks
duckman  (Thu, 27 Aug 2009 (04:06))
Hi fellow mini lp junks, as promised earlier in my comments on 'Close', I 'll give you an update on the availability of these gems.
The CD's from Amazon.france did arrive yesterday...and Yes !!! they are the recent JP (09) mini lp remasters. At 13 euro (even the 2cd Yes songs an Topgraphic are priced 13 euro's !!!) they are pretty cheap IMHO .

If you don't mind Warners generic round SHM-CD sticker instead of the dedicated Yes 40th anniversary sticker, this is a unique chance to acquire these 'sold out' beauties.
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Release Details
Manufacturer: Warner
Mastering:24bit (2009)
This version released:2009-07-22

Reprint on or about: 2010-08-12

Reprinted on or about: 2012-04-04

Reprint on or about: 2013-08-07

Original LP release:1972.09
Genre:Progressive Rock
Audio quality etc:Regarded by many (most?) as the best CD release to date. Remastered 2009 by Isao Kikuchi.
Obi:Slip on type (similar to many other recent Warner obis). Allows you to move it onto the front of the sleeve remaining attached thus leaving the spine visible when on the shelf.
Cover:Embossed (wood grain like) gatefold cover inside and out. I recall the original as being orange peel like outside and flat inside.
Inserts (as per original):Inner green bag with side loading CD.
Inserts (additional):2003 English booklet with lyrics, Japanese booklet (translation of 2003 booklet??), Japan only special offer.
Lyrics:Japanese and English.
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