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Rolling Stones (The) - Sticky Fingers (1971)

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Rolling Stones (The) - Sticky Fingers

TOCP-66451 (2005)

Elaborate top loading single sleeve release of the famous Rolling Stones' album conceived and photographed by Andy Warhol, designed by Craig Braun and featuring for the first time the "Tongue and Lip Design" created by John Pasche. Voted on a number of fan sites as the best Stones album.

Out of print (but other items from this artist may be available)
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Rolling Stones (The) - Sticky Fingers, Cover (no obi - zipper down) and inserts (top loading) Rolling Stones (The) - Sticky Fingers, Card insert (not inner sleeve) Rolling Stones (The) - Sticky Fingers, Back of card insert Rolling Stones (The) - Sticky Fingers, Back cover (with obi)
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Release Details
Manufacturer: EMI
This version released:2005-08-31
Original LP release:1971.04
Obi:Green and red common to and unique to all releases in the "Bigger Bang" box set. The obi can be detached. The top of the front and back of the obi is folded over the top of the front and back of the cover.

Top loading single sleeve with inside panel.

When viewed from the top there are three connected panels that go to make up the cover. If you were to dismantle it you would be left with the three panels joined making an L shape. When folded together the back (jeans bottom) and central (underpants) panels provide a top loading pocket (this holds the contents of the release). The front (jeans with zipper) panel is then folded over and glued.

What this means is that it's not possible to open the front and see the underpants (except from above or through the zipper). Perhaps more functional in some respects but none the less not really a replica.

Cover Concept/Photography: Andy Warhol.

Album Design/Graphics: Craigbrauninc [Craig Braun (Inc) - who also designed Alice Cooper's School's Out and the 1972 orchestral version of The Who's Tommy]

Inserts (as per original):Card instead of an inner sleeve.
Lyrics:Japanese and English on thin black and white foldout.
Editor Comments

This release was only available as part of the TOCP-66451 to TOCP-66458 - Rolling Stones (The) - Bigger Bang: World Tour 2005-2006 (Box set) (2005 / 2005)

With reference to the original packaging: Apparently the inside panel (the underpants) were added when it was found that the zip damaged the vinyl (Sister Morphine to be precise). I suspect that the solution was not fully thought through as the zip still caused damage to the album stacked in front of it. The final solution resulted in the zip being lowered so that it lined up with the record's label rather than the playable surface.

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