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Led Zeppelin - III (1970)

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Led Zeppelin - III

AMCY-2433 (1997)

Not a wholly original concept for a gatefold cover but very nicely executed and a beautiful reproduction.

Out of print (but other items from this artist may be available)
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Led Zeppelin - III, Obi Led Zeppelin - III, Inside Left Led Zeppelin - III, Inside Right Led Zeppelin - III, Back cover Led Zeppelin - III, CD and insert
User Comments
duckman  (Mon, 10 Nov 2008 (23:03))
Sorry to say that the AMCY-2XXX mini lp batch from 1997 isn't coded in HDCD. You can drop any HDCD in PC with windows media player and it will confirm it is a HDCD disc. These Zeppelin mini's won't. Probably the member who posted this comment assumed this because the Yes, CSN&Y, Chic,'s from later on that year were coded HDCD.

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Release Details
Manufacturer: Warner
This version released:1997-11-05
Original LP release:1970.10

Gatefold. The front cover has small cut out holes in it allowing you to view images through the cover. There is a cardboard wheel inside the cover which can be turned allowing a large variety of images to appear in the cut out windows.

Visual creations by Zacron.

Inserts (additional):The foldout sheet includes a track by track technical description.
Lyrics:English and Japanese on a foldout sheet.
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