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Artist - TitleTypeMaster - FormatRelease IDDateReprint*OrigImagesCDJapan
AC/DC - Guitar Case Box ManufWarner ACDC-BOX2008-06-012008.06Y
Aerosmith - Aerosmith Box (1973 - 2001) ManufSony SONY-AERO2004-07-072004.07YRelated
Akina Nakamori - Akina Box - 18 Cardboard Sleeve Jacket CDs Manuf WPCL-102932006-06-21NRelated
Allman Brothers Band (The) - Allman Brothers Band Box ManufUniversal CD (9)UICY-903352007-02-282007.02NRelated
Beatles (The) - The Beatles in Mono ManufEMI CD (13)TOCP-710412009-09-092009-12-162009.09YRelated
Beck, Jeff - Feed Beck Amplifier Box ManufSony SONY-BECK2005-02-232005.02Y
Blonde On Blonde - Rebirth Box ManufAir Mail BOB-BOX2007-01-31Y
Bowie, David - Big Bowie Box (Toshiba) ManufEMI TOCP-xxxx2007-03-072007.03Y
Bowie, David - Latest Works Box ManufSony TOCP-DBBOX22007-06-062007.06Y
Captain And Tennille - Captain And Tennille Box ManufUniversal CD (6)UICY-905942007-08-22N
Carmen - Fandangos in a Space Box ManufAir Mail CDDU-BOX1242006-11-012006N
Carpenters - 35th Anniversary Box ManufUniversal UICY-93452003-12-24NRelated
Carpenters - Single Collection ManufUniversal 8cm CD (33)UIDY-90342006-11-012007-06-13NRelated
Clearlight - Clearlight Symphony Box ManufCaptain Trip CTCDB-632/6362008-10-302008.10YCapt Trip?
Clearlight - Clearlight Symphony Box ManufCaptain Trip DU-BOX2612008-10-302008.10Y
Cluster - Cluster Box 1 ManufCaptain Trip CTCDB-597/6022007-09-202007.09YCapt Trip?
Cluster - Cluster Box 2 ManufCaptain Trip CTCDB-603/6072007-11-202007.11YCapt Trip?
Dead Can Dance - SACD Box Manuf DCDBox22008-06-302008.06Y
Deep Purple - Deepest Trilogy Box Manuf CD (3)VIZP-822009-03-25NRelated
Devo - This Is The Devo Box ManufWarner Box with 7 CDsWPCR-129552008-07-232008.07YRelated
Doors (The) - The Doors Singles Box ManufWarner CDWPCR-148012013-06-261972NRelated
Doors (The) - The Complete Studio Recordings Box Set ManufWarner AMCY-60711999-12-011999.12N
Doors (The) - Perception Box ManufWarner WARN-DOOR2007-08-292007.08Y
Dylan, Bob - Album Collection Box ManufSony DYLA-BOX12004-11-012004.11Y

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* Reprint date is pretty hit and miss (especially older releases). If there's a date it's probably correct but if there's no date there still may have been a reprint. If one mini in a sequential range of minis for one artist has been reprinted then the chances are they all were. The date shown here is the most recent one we know of.
Reprints usually have the obi identical to the original Mini (including release date), often have different stickers on the bag and occasionally have different inserts.