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Artist - TitleTypeMaster - FormatRelease IDDateReprint*OrigImagesCDJapan
10CC - Original Soundtrack Obis Disk Disk Union 10cc-2006-obis2006-07-262006.07Y
Aksak Maboul - Aksak Maboul Postcards and Obis Disk Disk Union DU-PGL-14574L2008-12-172008.12Y
Asia - Alpha Box Disk Disk Union DU-BOX2712009-01-212009.01Y
Band, The - Music From Big Pink Obis Disk Disk Union Band-obis (Music From Big Pink)Y
Black Sabbath - Paranoid Obis Disk BLACKSAB-2007-obis 1 (Paranoid)2007-02-212007.02Y
Black Sabbath - Sabotage Obis Disk BLACKSAB-2007-obis 2 (Sabotage)2007-10-172007.10Y
Bowie, David - Ziggy Stardust Obis Disk Disk Union BOWIE-2007-obis 1 (Ziggy Stardust)2007-01-102007.01Y
Bowie, David - Let's Dance Obis Disk BOWIE-2007-obis 3 (Let's Dance)2007-03-072007.03Y
Caravan - In The Land Of Grey And Pink Disk CARAVAN-2006-obis (In The Land Of Grey And Pink)2006-12-20Y
Cream - Wheels Of Fire (silver) Obis Disk CREAM-2005-obis (Wheels Of Fire - silver)2005-12-24Y
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - Eldorado Obis Disk ELO-2006-obis 2 (Eldorado)2006-09-20Y
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - Out of The Blue Obis Disk ELO-2007-obis 3 (Out Of The Blue)2007-02-21Y
Fairport Convention - Unhalfbricking Obis Disk Disk Union Fairport-2006-obis (Unhalfbricking)2006-12-20Y
Flash - Out Of Our Hands Obis Disk FLASH-2008-obis (Out Of Our Hands)2008-05-23Y
Focus - Moving Waves Obis Disk FOCUS-2006-obis (Moving Waves)2006-12-202006.12Y
Free - Tons Of Sobs Obis Disk FREE-2006-obis (Tons Of Sobs)2006-12-20Y
Goblin - Suspiria Obis Disk Disk Union Goblin-2007-obis (Suspiria)2007-04-20Y
Hendrix, Jimi - Axis Bold As Love Obis Disk HENDRIX-2006-obis (Axis Bold As Love)2006-09-06Y
Humble Pie - Smokin' Obis Disk HUMBLE-2007-obis2007-02-14Y
John, Elton - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Obis Disk JOHN, ELTON-2007-obis (Goodbye...)2007-02-272007.02Y
King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King Obis Disk King-2006-obis (In The Court Of The Crimson King)Y
King Crimson - Discipline Obis Disk Disk Union King-2006-obis 2 (Discipline)2006-07-26Y
Miller, Steve - Sailor Obis Disk MILLER-2007-obis (Sailor)2007-09-05Y
Moody Blues - Moody Blues Obis Disk Disk Union Moody-obisY

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* Reprint date is pretty hit and miss (especially older releases). If there's a date it's probably correct but if there's no date there still may have been a reprint. If one mini in a sequential range of minis for one artist has been reprinted then the chances are they all were. The date shown here is the most recent one we know of.
Reprints usually have the obi identical to the original Mini (including release date), often have different stickers on the bag and occasionally have different inserts.