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Hatch, Tony - hatchbox - the original album collection (2005)

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Hatch, Tony - hatchbox - the original album collection

CMXBX 1088 (2005)

6 CD box set of some of Tony's albums.

The quality of the replica covers in this box are appallingly poor. They look like badly made photocopies. There is no attempt to place writing on the spines. The apparent foldings on the back of the covers are simply the impressions and shadows of the covers that were copied. The CDs come unclothed in the cardboard sleeves making them vulnerable to damage.

The audio quality is fine and the box claims these are "40th Anniversary issue - First time on CD" so perhaps worth owning for this reason (if you like Petula Clark without the words). They were also very cheap to buy.

Manufactured by "Caslte" in the EU (Santuary Records)

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Hatch, Tony - hatchbox - the original album collection, Base of box
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Release Details
This version released:2005-05-31
Original LP release:2005.05
Inserts (additional):12 page colour booklet with track listing, times and a short retrospective of each album.
Editor Comments


  1. The Tony Hatch Sound
  2. A Latin Happening
  3. Beautiful in the Rain
  4. The Two of Us (with Jackie Trent)
  5. Sounds of the 70's (with The Satin Brass)
  6. Hit the Road to Themeland (The Tony Hatch Orchestra)

Fairly tacky looking mini-LP sleeves (almost look like untouched photocopied covers). Fantastic stuff none the less! Nice booklet too - simple and concise.

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