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Uriah Heep (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Uriah Heep
scottrobb (User)
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Uriah Heep 14 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0  
Hello all!

I recently purchased two Uriah Heep collections ("The Magician's Birthday" Box Set & "Return to Fantasy" Box Set) from an eBay seller named "mymusicfix2". The auction page is here:

I just recieved them today and have a couple of concerns:
1. The boxes are not sealed in shrink wrap and with a sticker outside like other Box Sets that I have purchased. Instead, they were sent in a large clear plastic bag.
2. The individual albums included within are not in what to my experience is the typical packaging - The re-sealable plastic envelopes but rather, they are individually shrink-wrapped.

Does anyone else own this set? So these sometimes come shrink-wrapped (they are from BMG)? Does anyone have experience with this seller? His feedback is numerous and positive.

Does anyone know where to buy these re-sealable envelopes? If they ARE legitimate, I want to scan them for my album art site ( do not want to damage them by storing them without the cover & Obi being protected; I have to remove the celophane in order to scan them...

Thanks all!
Scott Robb, Admin/Owner

P.S. We don't have a lot of Mini-Album artwork and are very interested in more. I have begun putting these images up online (both with and without the Obi strip). If you are at all handy with a scanner and PhotoShop, we'd love you to share your collection with us. Tonight we hit 60,000 covers; come add yours!
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kigonjiro (Moderator)
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Re:Uriah Heep 14 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 2  

This is not a factory boxset as the recent Beatles Mono, by example. The box is a promo item released by the japanese music shop network "Disk Union". But don´t worry, this is the real thing. Is not sealed because the plastic bag is added for protection, not a sealed bag from factory. Is always that way. MyMusicfix is a trusted seller (expensive but legit). With these boxes I think that you must receive also 2 or 3 empty promo covers and maybe (not sure about this) some promo obis.

Sometimes the cardboard sleeve albums come with reseleable bags and sometimes with factory shrink wrap. I remember that my Uriah Heep albums were shrink wrapped and I needed to tear off the shrink and put the albums in a reseleable bag. I own only the first boxset.

For the bags you can buy them at some ebay sellers like Sushi-Shasimi by example. He sell also boxsets at better price than MyMusicfix. Ask him or Quicksilverlove next time before to buy at premium prices form MyMusicfix. Both have adds here.


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scottrobb (User)
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Re:Uriah Heep 14 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0  
Thank you very much for your reply. It is very helpful and I am happy to know that I was not ripped off!

Yes, it was a very expensive purchase but, I cannot find either of these box sets anywhere! I am afraid that I am a little addicted to these Mini-LP's now... As you can tell from my web site, I LOVE album art and the Japanese mini-LP's have the best artwork. That the music has been remastered in many cases makes it all the better. Thank you for running such a marvelous web site, I'm never leaving!
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