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Clearlight - Clearlight Symphony (1974)

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Clearlight - Clearlight Symphony

C8M-001 (2004)

US mini-LP presentation of this 1973 creation by Cyrille Verdeaux was hot on the heels of the hugely successful Tubular Bells, also output from Richard Branson's Virgin label in the very early days of the label.

Reproduced here in the originally intended order (ie. side 2 first) which is regretable for those of us who owned and grew up with the symphonic/rock order of the original album (for better or for worse that's the way it was).

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Clearlight - Clearlight Symphony, Inside left Clearlight - Clearlight Symphony, Clearlight Symphony - Inside right Clearlight - Clearlight Symphony, Back cover
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Release Details
Format:Enhanced CD
This version released:2004-01-01
Original LP release:1974

Gatefold - original front cover, back cover much the same as the original but includes much more detail than the original. The centre of the gatefold includes much background information including a history of the composer and the composition since it's initial release (see "additional comments").

My original copy of the vinyl of this release was not a gatefold and it included a sticker on the front cover with the name of the album.

The manufacturing of the cover of this US version is a little disappointing. It is a single piece of card joined on the inside with the sticking paper of the inside sleeve. No problems with that in principal - good cardboard etc but it creases when squeezed from top and bottom, necessary to gain access to the CD.

Inserts (as per original):No.
Inserts (additional):No.
Editor Comments

This not strictly a mini-LP replica - it's "in the style of" the original and includes notes about the album when it was recorded and also since its initial release - some nice background information.

The notes point out that what was originally side one is really side two (or vice versa).  What they mean is that the CD now has the two sides (movements) in the intended order, the order they were recorded. In some ways it's academic because the support musicians for each movement are completely different - as is the flavour.

The second movement (what was side one of the LP) includes members from "The Gong" (Steve Hillage, Didier Malherbe and Tim Blake) and has a quieter feel to it to what is now the first movement.

I always have to play "track 2" first for two reasons: 1) this is how I recall it and 2) it sounds better to me - the quieter piece being a great introduction to the louder, rockier piece.

Note that the jewel case version has the same catalogue number (C8M-001).

Made in USA. 

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