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Bowie, David - Lodger (1979)

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Bowie, David - Lodger

TOCP-70152 (2007)

Final installment of the so-called "Berlin Trilogy" colaboration with Brian Eno.

Out of print (but other items from this artist may be available)
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Bowie, David - Lodger, Obi Bowie, David - Lodger, Inside gatefold (upside down - sort of) Bowie, David - Lodger, CD and insert (new) Bowie, David - Lodger, Insert sheet - images side Bowie, David - Lodger, Insert sheet - lyrics side Bowie, David - Lodger, Open gatefold
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Release Details
Manufacturer: EMI
Mastering:24bit (1999)
This version released:2007-02-07
Original LP release:1979.05

This is one of those crazy covers that you're never sure which way it was meant to go. I guess a bit like the artist at the time.

The open outside gatefold shown here is as if you stored the LP with the words facing the normal way and then pulled it off the shelf and opened it... but if you do this the images inside the gatefold are upside down and the CD and inserts are stored in the front (not the back).

The inside gatefold image shown here is (therefore) upside down... but the CD and inserts are stored in the right hand of the sleeve as you would expect.

The Japanese would have it that it's top loading - but then there's no spine.

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