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What are "trusted sellers"? E-mail

Trusted sellers are eBay sellers who one or more of us have bought from one or more times.

We know they provide genuine Japanese mini LP CDs. They may also provide non-Japanese releases but they indicate this in their listings. For example, there are a number of releases (including Hendrix, Elton John and these Police releases) that appear at first glance to be Japanese but in fact have European CDs and sometimes not all inserts. Legitimate Mini LPs are also made in Korea, Europe and the USA.

We do not mean to say that all other sellers are not to be trusted. Far from it... You can read our tips on avoiding buying fakes here.

If you are an eBay seller and would like to be included in this list read on below.

Back to our fake free search.

A word about the reliability of these sellers

While it's true that these sellers all sell the real deal, we cannot 100% their reliability in this OR their level of service. Sellers come and go and have rough patches.

You should always check the feedback comments of a seller before you buy and, if in doubt about the credentials of a listing, ask the seller some questions. (See our other FAQs about fakes.)

Are you an eBay seller who'd like to be included?

Simply meet the above criteria (in other words be clear about what you are selling) and contact us.

Have you noticed that one of our sellers is not what they seem?

If you believe one of our trusted sellers is no longer trustworthy please contact us.

Why has someone who used to be on this list disappeared?

About once every 24 hours, we (or at least one of our robots) checks each of our "trusted sellers" and looks to see what they're selling. If they have not listed a mini LP (using the text "mini") in the last 30 days or so they get dropped off the list. We still check them for at least 6 months and if they start selling minis again they come back on automatically.

Also, you may notice a seller greyed out in the list. This is because they did not have a "mini" listed when we checked in the last 24 hours. In order to speed up the eBay search, we don't search these sellers (as there's little point). As soon as we see they have a mini they come back into the list and the search.

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Featured Releases (A selection of...)

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Front cover (main) image of SONY-BECK : Beck, Jeff : Feed Beck Amplifier Box
SONY-BECK : 2005-02-23

This unique and beautiful clam-shell style promo box contains ten Jeff Beck mini lp cds and has room to fit two more mini LPs. When flipped open, the inside of the box resembles a guitar amplifier.

Front cover (main) image of Caroline-2008 : Various Artists : Caroline Records 2009 US Releases
Caroline-2008 : 2008-08-05

In late 2008 Caroline Records in the USA released a number of albums by the following artists: UFO, Jethro Tull, Quicksilver Messenger, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, The Raspberries, Kate Bush, Blondie, The Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Van Der Graaf Generator (full list below).

Unlike the suspect Universal releases these are 100% Japanese. The only difference between these and the Japanese (apart from being as much as 50% cheaper) is a sticker on the bar code of the obi.

As at March 2009 most of these are still available at Amazon.

Front cover (main) image of Die Cut Covers : Hall of Fame : Die Cut Covers
Die Cut Covers :

Die cutting of the cover image or inserts is probably the most common technique employed to create gimmick covers. It's probably also in most cases the cheapest.

There are thousands of die cut covers. Here are a few of the more popular and best known releases.

Front cover (main) image of EMICD-11228 : Pink Floyd : Oh By The Way: European Box Set
EMICD-11228 : 2007-11-26

16 CD box set - being 14 studio albums including 2 doubles.

According to Pink Floyd Brain Damage site there were a few glitches with this release, the most notable being a misprinting of the inner bag for the second CD in "The Wall".

There are also cases of an album being missed out and duplicates in their places.

The later Japanese release of this box set is basically identical to this box set.

Poor quality fakes exist for this set - more details below.

The original Japanese individual releases are regarded as being of a much higher quality to either of these box sets.

You can see a YouTube video of this set on the videos page.

Front cover (main) image of LIST-007 : Quintessence Editions : 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die
LIST-007 : 2006-02-07

This is a work in progress project and due to its size it will take some time to finish.

Book cover images from different countries are welcome (or the ones included but with better image resolution).

Front cover (main) image of WPCR-13295 : Talking Heads : Speaking In Tongues (+2)
WPCR-13295 : 2009-01-14

Fifth studio album, featuring Talking Heads only US Top Ten hit, Burning Down The House (including an alternative version as a bonus, and an unfinished outtake of Two Note Swivel).

This version is a reproduction of the limited edition clear vinyl version designed by artist Robert Rauschenberg, who won a Grammy Award for his work.


See all Featured Releases