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Japan Mini LP

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Artist - TitleTypeMaster - FormatRelease IDDateReprint*OrigImagesCDJapan
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Madonna Japan Blu-spec CDHSE-601412013-01-23NRelated
100% Pure Poison - Coming Right At You Japan CDPCD-244282015-09-16NUsually ships in 3-7 days
10cc - 10cc Japan SHM-CDTECI-236022010-02-17NRelated
10cc - Sheet Music Japan SHM-CDTECI-236032010-02-17NRelated
10cc - Original Soundtrack +4 Platinum Japan SHM-CDUICY-400172013-10-30NRelated
10cc - Deceptive Bends +3 Platinum Japan SHM-CDUICY-400812014-07-30N
10cc - Original Soundtrack +4 Japan SHM-CDUICY-758922013-10-30NRelated
10cc - Deceptive Bends +3 Japan SHM-CDUICY-764282014-07-30N
10cc - Deceptive Bends +3 SHM-SACD Japan CDUIGY-95672014-07-30N
10cc - Live And Let Live JapanUniversal SHM-CDUICY-938182008-11-262011-12-29NRelated
10cc - Look Hear? (+2) JapanUniversal SHM-CDUICY-938202008-11-262011-12-29NRelated
10cc - Ten Out Of 10 (+7) JapanUniversal SHM-CDUICY-938212008-11-262011-12-29NRelated
10cc - Windows In The Jungle (+7) JapanUniversal SHM-CDUICY-938222008-11-262011-12-29NRelated
10cc - Meanwhile JapanUniversal SHM-CDUICY-938232008-11-262011-12-29NRelated
10cc - 10cc (+3) JapanTeichiku CDTECI-212212004-05-261973YRelated
10cc - Sheet Music (+ 3) JapanTeichiku CDTECI-212222004-05-261974YRelated
10cc - The Original Soundtrack (+2) JapanUniversal CDUICY-91732001-12-212007-06-131975YRelated
10cc - The Original Soundtrack (+4) JapanUniversal SHM-CDUICY-938142008-11-262011-12-291975YRelated
10cc - How Dare You (+1) JapanUniversal CDUICY-91742001-12-212007-06-131976YRelated
10cc - How Dare You (+3) JapanUniversal SHM-CDUICY-938152008-11-262011-12-291976YRelated
10cc - Deceptive Bends (+3) JapanUniversal CDUICY-91752001-12-212007-06-131977YRelated
10cc - Deceptive Bends (+3) JapanUniversal SHM-CDUICY-938162008-11-262011-12-291977YRelated
10cc - Bloody Tourists (+1) JapanUniversal CDUICY-91762001-12-212007-06-131978YRelated
10cc - Bloody Tourists (+3) JapanUniversal SHM-CDUICY-938172008-11-262011-12-291978YRelated

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* Reprint date is pretty hit and miss (especially older releases). If there's a date it's probably correct but if there's no date there still may have been a reprint. If one mini in a sequential range of minis for one artist has been reprinted then the chances are they all were. The date shown here is the most recent one we know of.
Reprints usually have the obi identical to the original Mini (including release date), often have different stickers on the bag and occasionally have different inserts.