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3 titles from ebay, possible fakes ? (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: 3 titles from ebay, possible fakes ?
bluessky (User)
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3 titles from ebay, possible fakes ? 16 Years ago Karma: 0  
Hi all,

I'm a collector of many japan cd's, love the sound quality!
I recently bid on and won 3 titles (mini japan lp's), but I've yet to sent payment to the seller.I just sense something is not right with these releases, and all all I see is a limited picture for each title.

Can anyone help me,are these fakes, have you heard of this seller before :

seller's id is : greatstuffoncd

The titles are Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold as Love
and George Harrison - All Things Must Pass , all mini - lp's

In the seller's details it says they are from Finland, And Russian Federation both.

I've asked the seller about telling me the catalog # of each title and also the codes on the bottom of the cd's but they tell me everything is sealed ,and I should have asked earlier.

I only bought one fake before, from someone here in the states, but they gladly took it back when I saw that a title was misspelled on the cd, .

thanks much for your help !
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kigonjiro (Moderator)
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Re:3 titles from ebay, possible fakes ? 16 Years ago Karma: 2  
For sure are counterfeit russian editions, not originals.

Not bad quality, I own all the japanese Hendrix releases that are published here at and aldo the russian and these russians have -IMMO- collective value, specially Are you experienced and Electric Ladyland. Why? because the different cover.

But I don´t know if your fakes are exactly the same because they are pictures with OBI strip and the ones that I bought not replicated the japanese OBI, so maybe quality is different. Anyway Are you experienced maintains the collector´s value of the different cover.

The best that you can do is to check this site before to buy or bid. Is very easy. Also if the album you are interested in is in this page: (this is a good guide for counterfeit mini lps). Don´t buy these, all are fakes. Then double check the source and buy only from recomended and trusted sellers. You have a list here in the board.

These are the original Hendrix:

Experienced 1st release

Experienced 2nd release

Axis 1st release

Axis 2nd release

All Things must pass is not published as japanese mini lp, so is only published in the counterfeit market, if you check here you will see it listed as Fake:


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bluessky (User)
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Re:3 titles from ebay, possible fakes ? 16 Years ago Karma: 0  
Hi Domingo,

thanks a lot for all the help! Much appreciated!
I just have to figure out what to tell this seller now
but heck I'm not sending payment when I thought I was bidding on a japanese pressed release.

Thanks again
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